“I made more money I knew existed in the world”
Jim Rogers
Speaks at World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore

Invest in yourself to learn more about wealth creation

28, 29, 30 November 2017, Singapore
You learn practical, proven strategies and techniques used by the richest investors and business people in the world to make more money and to make it grow faster with greater safety.

Feat. Jim Rogers

Global Hedge Fund

Learn the secrets and gain knowledge of 50 best-performing investors

Feat. Wayne Chang


Successful entrepreneurs share how to build a billion dollar company

Feat. Brian Tracy, Ron Kaufman


Achieve all your personal and business goals faster than you ever thought possible

Feat. promising startups and advisors


How to scale your business and raise money faster than you thought possible

Feat. $10 billion in capital, incl. 500 Startups

Venture Capital

Meet with 30+ most powerful VC firms who look for fresh ideas with $10 billion capital

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28-30 Nov

Confirmed speakers

Jim Rogers
Legendary investor

Beat the stock market 100 times and made 4200% return together with George Soros. Read more

Brian Tracy
World-renowned peak performance expert

You will learn firsthand what is necessary to earn millions or billions and achieve all your goals faster than you ever imagined. Read more

Marc Faber
Notorious investor

Known as Dr. Doom, made a fortune by forecasting correctly Black Monday, Japanese Bubble and Asia-Pacific financial crises. Read more

Michael Pettis
Most influencial #33 in world's finance

Shares his inside knowledge of Chinese economic development. Read more.

Ron Kaufman
World's leading expert for uplifting customer service

He is the New York Times best selling author and speaker for uplifting service cultures. Read more

Wayne Chang
Serial entrepreneur

Co-founded startups valued at over $10 billion by the age of 30.Read more

Jeffrey Olin
Real estate fund manager

Outperformed the real estate market 4 times. Read more

Anna V. Haotanto
Investment advisor

One of FORTUNE’s most powerful women in Asia. Read more

Charles Henri Hirsch
Hedge fund manager

Made 8025% return in 7 years. Read more

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Come to see and hear what asset managers think about the market!

Jim Rogers, Legendary investor

Some of the speakers are so unique that they will not be seen at any other conference in the world this year.

Brian Tracy, Best-selling author and success coach

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