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Mikk Talpsepp, a successful trader, and hedge fund manager explains why global stock markets might be standing on the edge of a cliff and we may see a sharp drop in the share prices worldwide. Great opportunities might occur as well, but to take advantage of them and build wealth, we must be ready.
The challenge for many great wealth creators is how to keep moving on and operate while being aware of all the possible dangers on the stock market and in economy. Mikk Talpsepp will share his scenario for the upcoming years.

Chapters include:

1 The banks of Italy will fall.

Italian banks are holding about a third of the eurozone bad loans (about 1 trillion euros). Five years ago about 10% of the loan takers in Italy were in trouble, now the number exceeds 18%. Of course, they will try to take control of the situation, but even approving 20 billion euro fund to rescue Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA and other troubled lenders would not help much. If the government takes over Monte dei Paschi, we might witness Italy’s biggest nationalization since the 1930s. 360 billion euro worth of bad loans might easily turn into a much greater number if things start to go wrong. The probability of blood shade in Italy is nearly 100%.

2 The public debt of Italy

If banks of Italy fall and the government rushes to rescue them, we will face yet another big problem – the public debt of Italy that reached to 132.7% of GDP in Q3 2016. The debt problems for Greece started to skyrocket when the debt exceeded 110% of GDP…

3 France might eventually want to leave the Eurozone.

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