About the World Wealth Creation Conference

The World Wealth Creation Conference was established to give tools and strategies you can use to increase your wealth by investing, entrepreneurship and sales. We invited the top experts of investing in stocks, bonds and real estate, also very successful entrepreneurs and a success and sales guru Brian Tracy to the event.

At the conference you will learn how to increase your wealth by 20% annually by investing in stocks, 10% annually by investing in bonds and how to use debt and real estate to create a steady cash flow and increase your wealth. You will also get the skills how to be among the top 10% salespersons because sales is a key component to the success of your business. At the conference, you will get exact steps how to increase profits of your business by 50% in the next 12 months.

At the end of October 2017, WWCC made a strategic partnership with Success Resources – No 1 event promotor in the world. We are also very proud that the CEO Richard Tan agreed to speak at the conference about how he built a $100+ million business.

“I am happy with the partnership with Success Resources. We added additional GOLD tickets to make the conference affordable for everybody. One-day GOLD tickets start at price 237 USD. That means that an attendee can enjoy Brian Tracy´s “Total Business Mastery – The One Day MBA” at a price lower than even in Kazakhstan. Usually, the same program sells at the price between 500-1000 dollars” commented Mikk Talpsepp, the founder of the World Wealth Creation Conference.

“But if we talk about the quality of hedge fund managers speaking at the event, there are only a few events that are comparable to WWCC. One is a prestigious investment conference in New York. Ticket prices there have usually varied from 7500 to 25 000 dollars. In Singapore, we managed to bring the price down multiple times so that everybody can get top advice from top investors. Top 10 investors speaking at the WWCC have achieved 22.4% annual average return in their best 10-year period. This means that as a product, the World Wealth Creation Conference might be the highest quality wealth conference this year globally”, added Mikk Talpsepp.



Singapore EXPO, halls 1-3


Spago, Marina Bay Sands


Spago, Marina Bay Sands


The legendary Jim Rogers
A top success and sales coach Brian Tracy 
Top active fund managers in the world
$100+ million entrepreneurs
$100+ million ventures
An Olympic Champion


All our overseas speakers will be accommodated in our official hotel Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is one of the iconic symbols of Singapore and one of the most luxurious hotels in the region. All attendees can book a room with a discount on the hotel’s website.

You can see other official hotel partners from our accommodation page.

Why World Wealth Creation Conference

Only at the World Wealth Creation Conference, you will enjoy during one event:

1) Total Investing Mastery – valued at 997 USD
2) Total Business Mastery – valued at 997 USD
3) Trading and Portfolio Management – valued at 997 USD
4) Speeches of the world top active fund managers – valued at 7500-25000 USD
5) Speeches of billion-dollar ventures
6) Speeches of $100+ million entrepreneurs
7) Speech of an Olympic Champion

A one-day GOLD ticket starts at 237 USD

A three-day GOLD ticket starts at 397 USD

Our team:

Mikk Talpsepp
Mikk Talpsepp – Founder & CEO
Manager of Etalon Varahaldus hedge fund

Denis Merkuljev – COO

Shaun Goh – Consultant and Asia Regional Representative

Anneli Duarte – Sales Director

Marek Truumaa – Sales Manager

Margus Kärt – VIP & VC Manager

Anzela Avzalova – Project Manager

William Oliver – Head of Sales in North-America

Mordecai Chiwaula – President of WWCC Fanclub


Brian Tracy – Best-selling author of sales, leadership, and motivation
Ron Kaufman – Uplifting service guru
Roland Yeo – President of IFPAS


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