28, 29, 30 November 2017, Singapore


Come and join an elite and astonishingly successful group of investors and entrepreneurs at the first-ever World Wealth Creation Conference 2017. Learn effective techniques and proven strategies from world-renowned financial experts and motivational speakers at the world’s largest and most anticipated wealth conference of the year.

Find out how to create wealth at a rate faster than you can imagine from keynote speakers such as Jim Rogers, Brian Tracy, Marc Faber, Anton Kreil and Ron Kaufman. Join over 50 speakers from 15 countries and 5,000 delegates and exhibitors over 3 days, across 3 different tracks – investor, entrepreneur, inspiration – and realize your true potential in wealth creation.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere of this awesome event with 50 speakers and thousands of delegates

You are an investor: Supercharge the speed of wealth creation! Learn from investors, who have made on average of 653% return in their best 10-year period.

You are a manager or entrepreneur: Stand out from competition, uplift your service quality and scale your business!

You are a salesperson: Make 10 times more money than an average salesperson! Improve your abilities to sell more and faster!

You have a goal: Put power behind your ideas, get more funds and clients! Meet and network with super wealthy investors.


If you are an investor, entrepreneur, manager, salesperson or from a startup company looking for venture capitalists, then the World Wealth Creation Conference 2017 is a must-attend event.

For the first time ever, some of the world’s most accomplished investors and financial experts are brought together in the highest quality wealth conference the world has ever seen. Collectively, the top 10 speakers recorded an average annual return of 22.4% and 650% over 10 years, an achievement 7 times higher than the average market return. Discover the secret of their success and how you can achieve it too.

Startup companies attending the conference will have scheduled meetings with some of the world’s top venture capital firms to help meet fund-raising objectives. Further opportunities to network and build relationships are also available at special networking sessions and cocktail parties hosted for startups and venture capitalists.

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Our top speakers have made on average of 653% (22.4% annual average) in their best 10-year period.

* Historical returns do not guarantee future results

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28-30 Nov

Come to see and hear what asset managers think about the market!

Jim Rogers, legendary investor

Some of the speakers are so unique that they will not be seen at any other conference in the world this year.

Brian Tracy, best-selling author and success coach