Anton Kreil

The 5 Secrets Behind the 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success
Anton Kreil

Anton Kreil

The 5 Secrets Behind the 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success


Anton Kreil is the Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and is a former Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan Trader.

Essential Pre-Seminar Viewing

Make sure to watch the video “10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success”:

In September 2015 Anton Kreil released a video called “10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success” on YouTube. It is now widely regarded as one of the best Financial Advice Videos on the internet globally. Anton will be providing an exclusive live seminar sequel to the “10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success” video called “The 5 Secrets behind the 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success” at the World Wealth Creation Conference. To get the best out of Anton’s seminar make sure you watch the original video to prepare yourself. Anton’s sequel seminar at the World Wealth Creation Conference is a unique opportunity to get a full insight into the detailed thought processes and foundation understanding behind Anton’s “10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success”.

Additionally, Anton will also be presenting “How to Pick Stocks to Maximize Profitability?” and “How to Pick Currency Trades to Maximize Profitability?”.

Biography continued

Anton is also known for starring in the hit TV show “Million Dollar Traders” in which eight novice traders were given two weeks training and $1,000,000 to trade during the financial crisis of 2008. Overall the group outperformed Hedge Fund Managers by 4% over the period. Anton was the manager of the group. The “Million Dollar Traders” TV show is widely known as the most viewed TV show in the genre trading on YouTube globally.

As a keynote speaker at the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore Anton will reveal secrets behind successful traders and successful people.

Anton opened his first trading account at the age of sixteen. During his University years at Manchester University in the United Kingdom he made a small fortune trading the infamous “Tech Bubble” from 1997-1999. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed and Goldman Sachs hired him on Professional Trading terms a full year before his graduation. He then went on to become one of the young Goldman Superstar traders in the early 2000’s. Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan bid for his services and he was headhunted to both firms and then he retired from the Investment Banking industry a multi-millionaire at the age of 28.

It is fair to say that Anton’s career timings are incredible. He decided to liquidate all his assets to cash in May 2007 and go travelling around the world just prior to the Sub Prime crisis. After travelling the world Anton returned to London in the summer of 2008 to film the BBC TV programme “Million Dollar Traders”. The show was aired in 2009 and received global cult status, catapulting Anton into the limelight during the credit crisis. He then began trading with his own money and on his own terms again in the Autumn of 2009 as global stock markets bottomed out.
In 2010 Anton set up the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and built trading courses to pass on his knowledge. The Institute is a global education company teaching Retail Traders how to Trade and Manage their own Portfolio’s in Financial Markets. Anton also manages his own multi-million-dollar portfolio within the Institutes infrastructure. His teaching style is infectious and he has perfected the educational content so that the information in the programs is understandable to everyone including beginners. After spending years of doing public seminars on the road, he has now managed to teach over 30,000 people globally, 7000 of which have furthered their trading education on more advanced courses. 375 have become Institute Traders as of March 2017, who trade with their own money globally.

He is keen on teaching and nurturing new trading talent and has notably said: “I don’t listen to the doubters and certainly don’t listen to sceptics and cynics that aim low and spend their lives on the wrong path and in denial. I have a job to do. To teach my students everything I know in Trading and to make them successful. Everything else is noise.”

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