Mohsen Arjang

Profit Opportunities in Iran
Mohsen Arjang

Mohsen Arjang

Profit Opportunities in Iran


Mohsen Arjang tells how to invest in one the attractive market for foreign investments with the bright economic growth in the upcoming decade. Yes, it is Iran market.

Mohsen Arjang is the CEO & Founder of Iran Market Monitor Group. He shares his view of investment opportunities in Iran and gives an overview of the situation in Iran market. Iran Market Monitor is a Tehran-based consultancy firm dedicated to providing professional advice to organizations or individuals. They cover market research, advertising, branding and helping to negotiate deals for their client.

Mohsen Arjang: “Today, Iran’s powerful economy is one of the best situation for the foreign investors to bring their money into a talented market.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has own regulations to keep its interest in cooperation with the foreign investment but because of the existence of the virgin markets and professional human resources the country is one of the best opportunities to invest.
At the head of the queue have been oil and gas companies, but there are other markets in Iran with enormous potential. For example, the market for cars and lorries used to be the 18th largest in the world and is attracting keen attention from the global giant automakers. Steel and aluminum manufacturers are also likely to flood into the market, attracted by Iran’s combination of cheap gas and warm-water ports.

The sudden inflow of western money and investment would be a blessing for Iranian business. If you hesitate to expand your economic ties with Iran, you would have missed out on one of recent history’s most powerful economic booms. If you don’t, you could be letting a once-in-a-generation opportunity pass you by.

Iran’s $425 billion economy is one of the greatest opportunities for the foreign investments.
Iran has the world’s fourth-largest proven oil reserves and the second-largest proven natural gas reserves. A tremendous amount of wealth is waiting to be developed.

Iran’s economy is not all about natural resources. The country is home to advanced nanotechnologies and the Middle East’s largest car manufacturer. At present, European and Asian companies have been scrambling to Tehran to line up business deals. In short, the opening of Iran is a massive opportunity.

The stable infrastructure of the country has been caused the self-sufficient economy, independent, powerful and in the best situation for attracting the foreign investment. Either way, the Iranian economy is on course to experience one of the greatest booms in recent history. Opportunities like this do not occur every day, every year, or even every decade.”

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