Meet investors and network with top money people

Startups from all industries are welcome!

Value for attending startups:

Book investor and mentor meetings

All startups have scheduled meetings with venture capitalists. The earlier you register, the wider choice of world’s top VC companies is available.
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$10 billion in venture capital

Over 30 world’s top venture capital firms have confirmed their attendance and are looking for new startups to invest in.
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Guaranteed stage time

All participating startups have guaranteed stage time to present their business model. The audience consists of top VC companies and investors.
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Additional benefits for startups

World Wealth Creation Conference brings together the world’s most powerful venture capital firms, investors and hundreds of startups. During the conference you will hear the secrets of top hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs and success coaches and motivational speakers such as Brian Tracy.

Singapore is the world’s most startup friendly environment

The government of Singapore injects billions in the coming years to encourage startups and VC investments. You will get all the necessary contacts to succeed during the conference. Read more about the benefits of Singapore to startups.

Explore all startup benefits

Brian Tracy invites startups to the World Wealth Creation Conference







Top VC firms


VC capital

10+ billion

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Early-bird registrants get:

  • First to join = first to choose investor and mentor meetings with the most powerful VCs
  • Admission for 4 team members included in the registration price
  • Nearly 10 000 USD worth of regular admission tickets for the price of one startup ticket
  • Better placement at the conference and in the conference promotional materials
  • We sell a limited number of startup tickets which corresponds to the multiple of attending VCs

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Startup registration includes:

  • 4 entrance tickets for all speaker talks, exhibition stand, workshop and VC area
  • Early bird price 1688 USD (normal price 2888 USD)

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Startup Premium registration includes:

  • Everything as startup registration + exhibition booth 3x3m
  • Early bird price 5188 USD (normal price 9888 USD)

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Selection of attending Venture Capitalists:

500 Startups
Funds Raised:$1.09B
B Capital Group
Funds Raised:$143.65M
Vertex Ventures
Funds Raised:$501.5M
Funds Raised:$150M
Qiming Venture Partners
Funds Raised:$2.41B
Red Dot Ventures
NSI Ventures
Funds Raised:$90M
Vickers Venture Partners
Funds Raised:$248.5M
Inspire Ventures
Pix Vine Capital
Jubilee Capital Management
Formation 8
Funds raised:$1.07B
Venturra Capital
Funds Raised:$150M
Foundation Capital
Funds Raised:$3.07B
Partech Ventures
Funds Raised:$1.12B
IMJ Investment Partners
Funds Raised:$52M
MDI Ventures
Funds Raised:$100M
Victory Park Capital
Funds Raised:$480M
Funds Raised:$50M
GREE Ventures
Funds Raised:$110M
Binary Capital
Funds Raised:$300M
Funds Raised:$300M
Phystech Ventures
Gobi Partners
Funds Raised:$311M


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